Monitoring tools
Check Data usage  - Client data usage.
Check Historical Data usage  - Client historical data usage. 
International bandwidth - Monitoring international only
SmokePing  - Network latency and outages monitoring.
Cacti  - Radio and Server monitoring.
Mailscanner  - Recently scanned Mail and Mail scanner Queues
Help Desk - All support tickets done in Fresh Desk software.
Cache Server   - Cache server graphs (http data is most useful)
Hot-spot admin
Ping tool
Palmy speed test
Rural Zone - 4G and 3G service
System Tools
Tickets Please - job ticketing system
*Email Reputation IP look up (Cisco) - look up IP address spam reputation
*CBL spam look up - Look up and remove from Spam lists
Site Diagrams
ATV Webmin  - ATV.wizbiz.net.nz - Gateway
Info Webmin - Wizbiz webmin Cacti - Smokeping
4x4 Webmin  - 4x4.wizbiz.net.nz - Mail
WHM  - Web Host Manager for web hosting server
Help notes and FAQs
Wizbiz Wiki  - Help notes and Server info etc
Wizbiz Help  - WIZBIZ FAQs

Backup software links.
Backup website
Backup server secure webmin login

Gowifi - Wireless stuff

Windows updates.
XP updates

NanoStation firmware
Nanostation5 v3.3.1
Nanostation2 v3.3.1

Bullet Firmware
Bullet5 V3.4.4

Linksys firmware
Antenna leads.
SMA connectors

Network sites
Ping tools
Fire FTP mozilla firefox browser FTP client

Portforward Network / Router setup guides

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